The burden of payday loans

Company for fast loans “Kredihelp” practice to impose a penalty of 472.80 every customer who within 3 days of the conclusion of the loan agreement has not found a guarantor. Money is harvested in the form of “fees” for a breach of the signed contract. It must be paid in addition to the deferred repayment vnoski.Problemat with the charge in question is that prior to the conclusion of the contract “Kredihelp” not inform borrowers that there is a period (3 days), which is required to provide a guarantor, and that there criteria on which the guarantor must meet. These are established by the Commission for Consumer Protection, says “Monitor”. These actions are contrary to the trader requirement for integrity and professional competence, and under the Law on Consumer Protection constitute an unfair commercial practice which harms the economic interests of consumers, said the commission.

After finding that the CCP had banned “Kredihelp” to act in good faith with their clients. And they have imposed compulsory administrative measure for an injunction by the trader and non-performance in the future. The penalty for such a violation is up to 30,000.

“Kredihelp” is a member of Association of the companies responsible for banking credits, he told “Monitor”, its chairman Nedelcho Spasov. He refused to comment on the specific case because it is not familiar with the decision of the CPC and whether it is final or subject to appeal.