Grey area payday loans

Companies for fast loans en masse introduced new requirements for customers with easy loans which is set further than the legal barrier.

It admitted Nedelcho Spasov, chairman of the Association for responsible banking credits, which companies are members of the industry.

According to the Consumer Credit Act annual percentage rate (APR) should not exceed 50%.

In APR includes all interest, fees and commissions that consumers owe on the loan. Many companies in the sector make customers conclude supplementary insurance to provide security or to seek guarantors.

If the client fails to find guarantors penalty is imposed as an additional expense on the loan. This easy expensive loans, and the procedure becomes much more cumbersome.

A serious problem for consumers is that with the imposition of additional requirements are much more difficult to understand which offers are more advantageous because these new costs are not included in the APR, comment from the industry.

BNB data show that the new rules are not to the extent of the sector. At the end of 2014, loans by businesses to quick cash amounted to 2.05 billion. This is 53.1 million. More than the end of 2013

Association for banking credits they want to be prepared new legislation.

According to Spasov must be created a special law on non-banking sector. He is currently regulated by several regulations, including laws on consumer credit and consumer protection.

Spasov gave the example of Britain, except for APR are introduced limits on the amount that customers return Finally, and also, the amount of penalties.

“No one can take 500 and he had to return 5,000 or 10,000,” he said.